1954 Tonka 7up Private Label Semi

Featured below is a private label semi wearing 7up graphics. I was initially contacted in early February 2009 about the existence of this semi and immediately asked for and received photos. As found, the trailer sports water transfer decals. One should also note the period correct Tonka logo decal on the trailer landing gear frame. The semi appears to have been painted and assembled in anticipation of sporting Green Giant graphics but was snagged before the decals could be applied. Keen eyes will observe the bare, unpainted brad heads, typical of the assembly procedure used to attach the wood floor to the steel trailer wrap. The cab and trailer appear to have typical 60 (as of 2014) years worth of play wear.

I was contacted by John Fritsch, the current and third owner of the original, unretouched semi, in mid July 2009. John purchased the semi from an antique dealer who had purchased it from the original owner, an ex 7up employee in Oshkosh, WI. John's semi was used by C & D Restorations as the reference for their recreation.

The featured original semi is the only one known to exist. If you have any additional information, please contact me.

1954 Original 7up Semi

1954 cab with as found 7up trailer
Bottom of Trailer

Bottom of trailer

Value: The 1954 7up featured above in the same as found condition, sold on eBay for $1875 USD in early March 2014.

1954 Restored 7up Semi

Restored 7up semi. Photo courtesy Cliff, C & D Restorations

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