1955 1956 Tonka Carnation Private Label Metro Van

In the strictest sense of the definition of a private label truck, the Carnation metro van should not be featured because it was listed in the Tonka dealer catalog and sold at typical toy outlets. Carnation metros are listed on eBay monthly so they aren't exactly rare. However, 1955 and 1956 Carnation metros are great looking trucks. And the two examples shown below are stunning.

Tonka historian Lloyd Laumann writes, "There are actually two versions of the 1955 No. 750-5 Carnation Milk Truck. Most of the 1955 models have the decals" (as featured on the 750-5 metro just below)...... Lloyd continues, "Several thousand trucks were manufactured in the early part of 1955 with three additional decals. Positioned in the center of the grill area of these limited quantity models is the International trademark decal, which is oval shaped with three diamonds and the word International printed across the diamonds. The borders of the diamonds are blue, as well as the outside border of the oval and the word International. The center diamond is solid blue. Another decal appears above the front wheel well on each side of the Van. This decal has the word International printed in script style lettering. The color of the lettering is silver with a white background. This decal is 1/4 of an inch high and tapers off to a height of 3/16 of an inch. Length of the decal is 1 inch. Licensing concerns caused us to discontinue use of the decals in 1955. Suggested retail price of the No. 750-5 Carnation Milk Truck was $3.98."

1955 Carnation Metro Van

1955 Carnation metro van

1955 Carnation Metro Van

Value: A clean 1955 metro, excellent paint with some scratches, excellent plus decals, no box, sold for $290 USD on eBay in early August 2007.

Value: This featured 1955 metro with its box sold on eBay for $450 USD in mid August 2007.

Value: A clean 1955 metro, good paint with lots of scratches, good decals, missing 2 door handles and no box, sold for $91 USD on eBay in late August 2007.

Value: A 1955 metro in clean, original, unretouched condition, excellent plus paint, near mint decals, no box, sold for $198 USD on eBay in late November 2013.

1956 Carnation Metro Van

1956 Carnation metro van from the Patrick O'Neil collection

Value: A clean 1956 metro, excellent shiny paint with some scratches, excellent plus decals, excellent plus box, sold for $480 USD on eBay in mid July 2012.

Value: A 1956 Carnation metro, in clean, original, unretouched very good plus condition, shiny paint with some scratches, excellent decals, no box, sold for $243 USD on eBay in early November 2014.

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