1952 Custom Tonka Post Mayflower Semi

Early 1950's Tonka Custom Post Mayflower Semi
In 1952, Robert J. Post and his father, Robert F. Post purchased 15 Model #400 Tonka Allied Van Lines semis from a store in Clarks Summit, PA. All of the Allied trailers had a steel floor and a single axle. The 15 semis were taken to Bill Sturevant, a friend of Robert J. Post, who custom painted the actual full sized trucks used in the business. He was asked to paint the much smaller scale Tonka. The cab and trailer were stripped of all Allied decals before a coat of Mayflower yellow was applied to the cab and trailer. The lower half of the cab was painted black. Post graphics were hand painted on the cab and trailer. The cab and trailer were numbered according to the number on the trucks that Post owned in their moving company. Some of the cabs have a number on the fender where the windshield meets the fender and some of the cabs were numbered on the back center. The same number was put on the trailer. The numbers were located on the front center, behind the cab, or they were on the top right corner of the rear of the trailer. It should be noted the inside and bottom of the trailer were left with the original Allied orange.

The custom Post semis were given to each household in the family. As of September 2014, 6 of the original custom semis were in the hands of family members. The balance is missing in action and actively being sought by the extended Post family. "As the world moves, so does Post."

Thanks to Jacob N. Hoinowski, Clarks Summit, PA, grandson of Robert J. Post for providing historical documentation.

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