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Tonka Toys trucks are very popular for creative thinkers to express their talents. Over the years, many custom Tonkas have been seen on various websites. Unfortunately, the opportunity to save those images has long since passed. However, There's no time like the present to begin to recognize these one of a kind treasures. Many of these customs were created to recognize achievements or life happening events or just because.

Custom Tonka trucks featured on this page include the 1958/1959 J.H. Bennett Moving Semi, Gasoline Tanker, 1957 Loggers, 1957 Harley Davidson Pickup, 1957 Pepsi Delivery, 1961 Pepsi Delivery, 1956 State Hi-Way Dump, 1950's Mayflower Semi, 1957 Fire Department Pickup, 1955 John Deere Flatbed, 1960's State Hi-Way Rollback and a New York DOT Stake Bed.

If you own any of the custom Tonka trucks on this page and want your name associated with it, contact me and let me know. If you own a custom Tonka and want it featured on this page, contact me immediately. This section will not grow unless you participate.

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1958 - 1959 Custom Tonka J.H. Bennett Moving Semi
1958/1959 Custom J.H. Bennett Moving Semi
Custom Tonka Gasoline Tanker
Custom Gasoline Tanker
1956 & 1957 Custom Tonka Logger
1956 & 1957 Custom Loggers
1957 Custom Tonka Harley Davidson Pickup
1957 Custom Harley Davidson Pickup

1961 Custom Tonka Pepsi Delovery Truck
1961 Custom Pepsi Delivery Truck
1957 Custom Tonka Pepsi Delivery Truck
1957 Custom Pepsi Delivery Truck
1956 Custom Tonka State Hi-Way Dump
1956 Custom State Hi-Way Dump
1952 Custom Tonka Post Mayflower Semi
1952 Custom Post Mayflower Semi

1957 Custom Tonka Fire Department Pickup
1957 Custom Fire Department Pickup
1955 Custom Tonka John Deere Flatbed
1955 Custom John Deere Flatbed
Early 1960's Custom Tonka State Hi-Way Rollback
Early 1960's Custom State Hi-Way Rollback
1962 Custom Tonka New York DOT Stake Bed
1962 Custom New York DOT Stake Bed

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