DeSalle Tonka Red Pickup Collectible

Desalle Tonka Pickup Truck

The red pickup caught my attention mid September 2007 when it sold on eBay for $202 USD. DeSalle reference books do not list this truck as being one of the sought after series of collectibles. After 7 years of waiting, another red pickup was put up for bid on eBay, selling for $192 USD in mid September 2014. Images provided by both sellers indicate the fit and finish is high quality DeSalle. Both trucks do not have serial numbers. Both trucks do have the "DeSalle Collector Trucks" sticker. There was not an image available of the tailgate of the truck that sold in 2007. However, an image of the tailgate of the truck that sold in 2014 clearly shows a flat surface. NOTE: The State Hi-Way Pickup and the 50th Anniversary gold pickup have Tonka Toys embossed into tailgates surface. Only the Steiff pickup has a tailgate that is flat allowing for a Steiff sticker to lay flat.

Based on the minimal information available, I believe the red pickups are leftovers from the Steiff project. Even though they are not recognized as being issued as a limited series, the red pickup still represents DeSalle craftsmanship and should still be highly collectible.

Desalle Tonka Pickup Desalle Tonka Pickup

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