19xx Tonka Douglas Furniture Private Label Semi

Featured is what is believed to be a Tonka private label trailer sporting Douglas Furniture graphics. The decals are water transfer. There are no graphics on the front or rear of the trailer. No tractor was found with the trailer. As of mid January 2013, another original tractor or trailer have not surfaced.

Questions need to be addressed. Was the semi totally manufactured by Tonka? Is it an engineering sample? Is it a salesman's sample? Is it a prototype that never made it to production? If you have documentation to help authenticate this semi, please contact me. The restored semi sold on eBay in late March 2009 for $677 USD.

NOTE: The trailer was found without the tractor. The 1960 cab used in the restoration may or may not be correct.

Original Douglas Furniture Trailer

Original, as found, Douglas Furniture trailer

Restored Douglas Furniture Semi

Restored Douglas Furniture semi. Photo courtesy Cliff, C & D Restorations

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