1956 Tonka Midwest Milk Private Label Metro Van

Featured is a very rare 1956 Midwest Milk Metro Van. Don DeSalle mentions the existence of this van in his book but does not have a photo. This very truck sold on eBay in January 2006 for $6362 USD. Blaise Emidy is the proud owner. Thanks for sharing with all Tonka enthusiasts.

Lloyd Laumann wrote an article in Toy Trucker and Contractor magazine that gives more detail on this van. Review the article here.

Tonka Private Label Midwest Metro Van
Midwest Metro Van Logo

Value: A clean, original, unretouched, complete metro in very good condition, paint has many scratches, all decals missing pieces, no box, sold on eBay for $780 USD in early July 2010. NOTE: I believe this Midwest metro was a good buy for the new owner. These puppies are rare!

Value: An original, unretouched, complete metro in good condition, painted areas well worn and dirty, all decals poor at best, no box, sold on eBay for $410 USD in mid August 2013.

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