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Private Label Chevron Service Truck
Model 2973 Issued in 1976
Chevron Service Pickup Truck
Tonka manufactured their first private label truck in 1949. Tonka recognized that private label trucks were a good source of revenue and a great way to keep the Tonka brand in front of the consumer. A seven year relationship began with Chevron Oil Company in 1976 when the model #2973 Chevron Service Pickup Truck rolled down the final assembly line in Mound. In 1977, model #2962 Chevron Tanker was followed by the model #4195 Chevron Tow Trucks in 1978 and by 185,538 units of model #4182 Chevron Emergency Service Vehicle in 1979. Model #2165 Chevron Long Haul Delivery Truck was added in 1980, 150,876 model #3166 Chevron Fuel Trucks in 1981 and finally, model #3100 Chevron Stake Delivery Truck in 1982. The production quantities of model #4182 and model #3166 are courtesy of Tonka historian Lloyd Laumann, from a series of Tonka Topics articles he penned for "Toy Trucker & Contractor" magazine in the late 1990s.

The Chevron private label trucks came from three different Tonka series. Model #2165 was from the Mini series, model #2973, #2962, #3100 and #3166 were from the Regular series and model #4195 and #4182 represented the Mighty series. All trucks were stocked in and sold from Chevron gas stations. Information found on the web but not confirmed indicates that sales in certain years were not as strong as anticipated and with shelf space at a premium, station operators had their slow moving truck inventory donated to charities. With 100,000 plus production on any given model, is there any wonder why so many trucks are finding their way to eBay (as of July 2014), many still in boxes?

Private Label Chevron TankerModel 2962 Issued in 1977
Chevron Tanker
Private Label Chevron Tow Truck
Model 4195 Issued in 1978
Chevron Tow Truck
Private Label Chevron Emergency Service Vehicle
Model 4182 Issued in 1979
Chevron Emergency Service Vehicle

Private Label Chevron Long Haul Delivery Truck
Model 2165 Issued in 1980
Chevron Long Haul Delivery
Private Label Chevron Fuel Truck
Model 3166 Issued in 1981
Chevron Fuel Truck
Private Label Chevron Stake Delivery Truck
Model 3100 Issued in 1982
Chevron Stake Delivery Truck

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