1961 Tonka Pickup From The Sears Truck and Boat Set

1961 Sears Step-Side Pickup from  Set
Featured above is an original, near mint, 1961 stepside pickup from the Sears Truck and Boat Set. The pickup sold on eBay for $430 USD in late April 2016.

What an amazing private label set. Available exclusively from Sears in 1961, the 5 piece set featured a stepside pickup, tilt bed trailer, houseboat, runabout boat and a stake trailer. The set sold as Sears part number 79 N 5460C for $7.99. This set was not available through the Tonka dealer catalog. The set meets the criteria for being recognized as a "PRIVATE LABEL" item.

The red stake trailer and the white over red stepside pickup were not available from the dealer catalog, either individually or as part of another set. In 1961, the stake trailer was available in turquoise blue and light bronze. The pickup was available with a white roof over a red styleside body, white over turquoise blue stepside, white over turquoise blue styleside, tan over tan stepside and light bronze over light bronze stepside. There were no white over red stepside pickups in production in 1961. Now you know why the pickup featured above sold for big bucks.

1961 Sears Christmas catalog showing the stepside pickup

Portion of the page from the 1961 Sears Christmas catalog

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