Tonka Private Label Trucks

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Tonka took standard, current year, production trucks, added customer specified paint colors, graphics and in many instances, unique packaging and viola, a private label Tonka truck. If one were to define a private label truck, as presented here, it might be: the trucks were designed by and available through a specific customer and the trucks were not featured in any Tonka dealer catalog or Tonka Look Book. Because records were not maintained by Tonka, exact production quantities are unknown. It is known, however, the production quantities were substantially less than typical mass produced Tonka trucks. Tonka private label trucks can command very high prices in the collector market. They are not collected by your average Tonka enthusiast.

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The links below will take you to images of known private label semis

Morrell Meats Cross Country Freight Our Own Hardware Wilson

Stix, Baer & Fuller Flavor Kist Gambles Department Store Red Owl

Jewel Tea United Van Lines Kroger Food Stores Allied Van Lines

V-2000 Stores Marshall Field & Co. Rikes Kumlar Frederick & Nelson

Ace Hardware Republic Van Lines Minute Maid American Breeders Supply

Meier and Frank Hormel Wheaton Van Lines Janney Semple Hill

G. Fox & Company Kroehler Furniture RCD Fast Freight U.S. Air Force

Younkers Green Giant B.F. Goodrich Trans American

7up Douglas Furniture The Dayton Company

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