1959 1960 1965 Tonka Wheaton Van Lines Private Label Semi

In a 1988 Tonka Topics article written by Tonka historian Lloyd Laumann, he describes the 1959 Wheaton Van Lines special. He writes, "The Wheaton special is identical to the Allied Moving Van however painted white and with special decals This special also has the new 1959 pierced hubcaps...The 1959 Wheaton special does not have any decals on the cab door panels. We manufactured it this way again in 1960 with the 1960 style changes. The 1960 Wheaton special has a two line decal on each cab door panel with the word Wheaton on the top line and the words Van Lines Inc. on the bottom line." There is no mention of a 1965 version that is featured below. Just an oversight?

Tonka Private Label Wheaton Semi

This hard to find 1959 semi is proudly owned by Alan. The label
on the cab was applied by the local Wheaton agent

1965 Wheaton Semi

This 1965 issued variety on the Wheaton semi is owned by Pat
1965 Wheaton Semi

Notice in 1965, door handles gave way to door knobs

Value: A clean 1965, original, unretouched, complete semi, near mint paint and decals, no carton, sold on eBay for $282 USD in mid October 2007.

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